Nsette Foundation Uganda is legally registered non-profit organization with a registration No: 80020003867201 in Uganda. Nsette Foundation Uganda is non-denominational at the point of service provision and without political affiliations. It was founded in 2017 by Waiswa Cyprian and Balondemu Ivan both are social workers. Ivan Balondemu initiated the idea and shared the vision. Ivan Balondemu grew up as a vulnerable child with her late grandmother called Naigaga Janet, who paid his school fees and she ensured that Ivan and other children had food , clothing and other basic necessities out of a very had life she was leaving to get money. She was taking care also other ground children whose parents died of HIV aids. When Ivan excelled in his studies he got an opportunity of moving to Europe to build life there, but instead choose to stay home in Uganda, such that he can help other orphans and vulnerable children to full fill their potential it is that desire we share that story full of courage and self determination that remains the driving force of Nsette Foundation Uganda.

The focus of Nsette Foundation Uganda is on community development through the participation of its own people. The role of Nsette Foundation Uganda is strengthening and empowering the communities to perceive their own problems/needs, and to solve them through collective action and participation in planning and implementation of programmes and projects at CCCYD.
Nsette Foundation Uganda envisions a society that will work towards eradication of vulnerability, HIV and AIDS, illiteracy among Orphans and vulnerable children, youths and women and fight the violation of children’s rights.

  • To principally promote education, peace, and values in the communities of operation.
  • To organize seminars, workshops and conferences in different parts of the county, so as to reach out to the community and provide the required help to the needy.
  • To undertake projects and any development activities that can be beneficial to the community.
  • To mobile resources to be carried out to enhance to organization’s expansion and facilitation of the objectives.
  • To collaborate with existing local and international companies and organizations whether profit making or nonprofit making.
  • To establish and maintain programs schemes or projects which are geared towards improvements of education, peace and religious values in the communities.
  • To develop any and all types of projects that is incidental to the objectives of the organization.
  • By means of promotion, door to door outreach and field, National and International Seminars/Conferences, workshops, Newspapers, books, Christian magazines,Posters and displays, periodicals and video shows, etc.
  • To establish programs and projects aimed at uplift the standards of life within the community such as community sensitizations, setting up schools, colleges, hospitals and other related medical facilities.
  • To work as prime agents of Aid and Relief taking care of Widows and orphans and establishing homes to cater for them.


Our team is almost 100 strong, and because we’re National, we work around the clock to make sure orphans in need are thriving, and families get to stay together. Being a children’s charity that cares for vulnerable children is a complex challenge requiring more than just talented people. It takes passionate hearts, committed optimism, and deep experience at every level of our organization.
Executive Director

Balondemu Ivan is the Executive Director and a Board Member
of Nsette Foundation Uganda, He holds a Bachelor's degree in
Business Administration Kampala University.
He was Manager of Jose Maria hotel (2017 ) he later joined PEFO as Accounts Assistant .
Balondemu is also Busoga Sub region coordinator - Uganda Youth football Association

He love the kids, he serve and when love is the motivation, there are powerful forces at work that make the impossible become the inevitable.
Known for: Being a champion of “the world’s least and last,” and advocating for children born into poverty to give them the opportunity for better lives. This sense of moral justice has been engrained in Balondemu for as long as he can remember. Growing up, Balondemu accompanied her grandmother to the poorest parts of Butiki, Uganda, to serve others. At a young age, he realized the children he encountered were just like him — except they were born into different circumstances with fewer opportunities. After meeting poor children in every village in the country he developed a great desire and commitment to empower them so they could reach their potential and be agents of positive change in their communities.


Waiswa Cyprian is the Treasurer, Head of Strategy and a Board Members of Nsette Foundation Uganda .
He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mass communication at Kampala International University. He worked as News Reporter of Voice of Busoga FM (2016) and later joined Uganda Broadcasting Corporation as a News reporter (2017), He also worked as Retention Executive Officer at Dlight Solar Uganda .
Waiswa is a Co-founder of Nsette Foundation Uganda Foundation a leading non-profit organization empowering orphans and vulnerable children to reach their full potential. Focused on both data-driven outcomes and on-the-ground program execution, Waiswa is working with Nsette Foundation Uganda to fulfill its goal of “A family for every child in our lifetime.”

Head of Information Technology and Innovation

Kyebawa Joan is the Project Director of Nsette Foundation Uganda.
She holds a Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication technology at Mbarara University
Kyebawa has served with Nsette Foundation Uganda since 2018. She loves working with our talented and passionate staff, seeing children cared for by loving families, and witnessing the impact NGOs are making on their communities around the nation.

She is motivated by a deep commitment to improving the community she is part of. Over the years, she has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by her community, particularly in areas such as high level of poverty challenges like education, healthcare, or economic development These experiences have fueled her passion to make a difference and contribute to positive change through Music dance and Drama

``Throughout my life, I have been committed to helping others and giving back to my community. Volunteering has been an essential aspect of my personal growth, as it has not only provided me with a sense of purpose but has also allowed me to acquire valuable skills and knowledge``

Project Coordinator

He is a teacher, youth leader, artist, and soon to be and IT-expert.

Working with young people is one of his passions, when he finished his bachelor of education (math and physics in secondary education), he felt like something was missing. And ,after taking a leap into the world of IT - in which he had no previous experiences, it quickly became clear that the digital realm is his jam! In 2023, he finished my Cloud & Cybersecurity education at Thomas More Geel in Belgium.

``I do something that contributes. Something that improves my local community, society as a whole, or even better the world. I'd love to do something that could benefit the environment, or improve our relationship with nature. That's what I'm aiming for, but I'm not too worried. The future is an open door, and I'll step through it when I get there``.